Company Profile

MATIZ is the leading manufacturer and service provider of elevators, smart car parking equipment and passenger boarding bridges in China. The MATIZ brand began in 1931 and has over 80 years of experience in technology development and engineering implementation.

MATIZ ELEVATOR CO.,LTD, a joint venture company, was established by MATIZ in China. With the registered capital of 500 million 80 thousand RMB, it specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of elevators, escalators and main components. It devotes itself to the heritage and innovation of Spain MATIZ ELEVATOR technology to meet different needs.

As a professional elevator supplier in China, MATIZ takes the inheritance of noble quality of MATIZ elevator as its own duty since it was established.With it’s high starting point, high-level concept of elevator service, it devotes itself to becoming an elevator enterprise with a scientfic and techonological innovation,energy-saving and environmental and comprehensive service.

MATIZ ELEVATOR has a broad manufacturing base, which covers and area of 80,000 square meters with annual production capacity of 16,000 units. It is one of the few elevator manufacturers with annual production capacity above 10,000 units. MATIZ possesses hundreds of international advanced manufacturing and testing equiments and has the ability to self-design,develop and produce all kinds of elevators and escalators,indeed leading to the the development of elevator technology.

MATIZ has a thorough production line,which can offer various ideal solutions towards different needs.All MATIZ products are conformed to the international and European standard.These supreme-quality products have been esported to Australis, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Italy, Spain,etc with more than 50 countries and regions.


Our factory covers an area of around 80000 square meters. It is equipped with robots that facilitate the manufacturing process of our products. Safety is our first priority and specific areas are designed for different procedures around the workshop to minimize safety risk. Our workshop is also designed in a sequence pattern to minimize waste in our processes and maximize our efficiency.

Elevator Test tower

Over 100 meters high and with 5 special hoistways for testing new prototypes and designs. It is equipped with electrical, mechanical and electronic instruments along the tower. Our researchers are running aerodynamic, vibration, sound test and others measures in order to maximize safety for our products.

Car parking tower

Our fully automatic car parking tower is used for testing, training and design optimization. It is equipped with sensors, surveillance cameras, mechanical parts, saving energy features and optimized algorithms for the main controller. Moreover, it increases the parking slots in the designated land and its futuristic architecture design match with the surrounding building.


MATIZ elevator serves the world with its supreme royal quality. We are a customer-oriented company and we value innovation.

Core values

Innovation Passion Integrity. Customer first, Team work spirit. Enterprise spirit, Integrity first.


Provide superior elevator solutions for customers and let more and more people worldwide can enjoy a safe and more comfort ale elevator and its service.

Manufacturing strength

MATIZ has a broad production base in China,equipped with a R&D center,Spare parts center,Logistic center,etc. The advanced equipment and standardized production chain reveals Matins powerful production strength.

MATIZ Vision

Let MATIZ products spread all over the WORLD.

Our Product Ranges

Passenger Elevator, Bed Elevator, Home Elevator, Panoramic Elevator, Car Elevator, Freight Elevator, Escalator, Moving walks/Travelator and Car Parking System.

Our Product Applications

Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings, Residential, Villa, etc.

Our Certificates

ISO Certificate, CE certificate, TUV certificate, EAC certificate, 147 patents

Our Global Sales Network

Armenia, Cambodia, Kuwait, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri, Lanka, UAE, Czech, Republic, Russia, Chile, Mexico, Azerbaijan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Spain, Colombia, Paraguay, Bahrain, Indonesia, Macau, Myanmar, Saudi, Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Peru,Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Turkey, Yemen, Lithuania, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Senegal, New Zealand, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, South Africa.