Passenger Elevator

MATIZ Passenger Elevator series inherit the advanced technology combining with the energy-saving and environmental-friendly concept so as to obtain many prominent advantages, such as safety, comfort-ability and energy-saving, etc.

Remote detective function,safety highly optimized

24hrs Safety monitoring service,give testing result to monitor centre and the phone of maintenance staff,highly improving the saftety and shortening the rescue time.

Microcomputer detected management system,efficiency highly optimized

It can realize the group control towards the elevator through the group control system and by data calculation ,it can choose the best route for the passengers,saving their waiting time and improving the running efficiency.

Small  machine room (MRL) design,space highly optimized

Highly value the utilization of floors and adopt the the most economical Small Room or MRL to greatly decrease the wastage of the construction area and optimize the space.

Cabin Design