MATIZ Products :

MATIZ, a professional manufacturer and exporter of Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks, and Smart Car Parking System. 

MATIZ Products are Passenger Elevator, Bed Elevator, Home Elevator, Panoramic Elevator, Car Elevator, Freight Elevator, Escalator, Moving walks / Travelator and Car Parking System.

Passenger Elevator

MATIZ passenger elevator series inherit the advanced technology combining with the energy-saving and environmental-friendly concept so as to obtain many prominent advantages,such as safety, comfort-ability and energy-saving, etc, offering reliable Read more>>

Bed Elevator

MATIZ BED ELEVATOR regards delivering patients as its goal and with the advanced technology ,more humanized functions are increased to make sure the elevators running steadily and achieve the fastest rescue. Read more>>

Freight Elevator

MATIZ FREIGHT ELEVATOR is born to highly transport cargo in various architectures.It adopts the most advanced micro-computer control technology and is equipped with large loading capacity, perfectly reveals its economic advantages and efficient Read more>>

Home Elevator / Villa Elevator

MATIZ VILLA ELEVATOR highly value the involvement of elevator and home,considering theloading functions from the family’s needs and the elevator decoration from the architecture style. MATIZ VILLA ELEVATOR makes home and elevator being integrated. Read more>>

Panoramic Elevator

MATIZ PANORAMIC ELEVATOR series is a modern transportation for carrying,sightseeing and decoration.It applies to the commercial building ,hotel and fancy supermarket,etc,which not only provides perfect loading service,but also enriches the art. Read more>>


MATIZ ESCALATOR adopts the international advanced technology with the advantages of high efficiency,energy-saving and environmental-friendly.It offers a perfect for the large flow of people and fast transmission. Improve the people’s flow in the building helping them to reach  other floors. Read more>>

Travelator / Moving walks

MATIZ MOVIGN WALKS have a perfect combination with high-accuracy drive device and VF technology. It meets the need of steadiness.high efficiency and energy-saving,making passengers enjoy the dignity all the way. Suitable for areas where people need to walk relative long distance. Read more>>

Car Elevator

MATIZ CAR ELEVATOR is particularly designed for the car transporting. It provides convenient and safe service to customers and car owners in 4S Car Stores, Parking lots on the top of supermarket, maintenance shops, etc. MATIZ CAR ELEVATOR transports both car and passenger. Read more>>

Smart Car Parking System

Increase the parking space in the available land by using a smart equipment. As one of the most affordable mechanical car parking manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in China, we’re featured by cheap customized products and good after-sales service. Read more>>

Dumbwaiter Elevator

MATIZ DUMBWAITER has the advantage of small and beautiful design.Under the advanced control system, it can efficiently complete the small volume transporting. It applies in the hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, libraries, cafe and etc. Read more >>