SERVICE MATIZ, With superior quality of the royal family to do the elevator service world MATIZ, Spanish, subtle differences. Created by the Spanish aristocracy after Mr. Antti Gono, in order to express Mr. Antti Gono as the noble people of the details and the quality of the paranoid pursuit.

We have over a century of experience in delivering Elevator and Escalator solutions.

PT. TANJUNG RAYA ELESCA, an Indonesia authorized agent for MATIZ Elevator and Escalator offer supply, install, maintenance and after sales service.

Supply .

According to the actual test data and overall condition of the building, we will provide professional service of passenger space carrying solution for all areas, with rich experience and accumulated technology.

Installation .

Our professional installation company, leading new technology of installation, is competitive with security, quality and efficiency in the industry. What’s more, we deal with problems on the side of customers, and ultimately to win “customer‘s satisfaction.

Maintenance .

Customers can enjoy convenient and efficient from our zero-distance and efficient one-station service. We also create value for customers with our service, to achieve a real win – win cooperation between us.

Modernization .

We are vigilant and careful in taking action and making decisions with careful consideration within the corridors of internal and external regulation

PT. TANJUNG RAYA ELESCA is to be a leading business group in Indonesia that provide the best service to our stakeholders.


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Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12830

Phone: O821-1328OOO8, O878-1328OOO8

O812-180-1199 (Ari)
O82l-8355-O784 (Windarto)

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