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MATIZ VILLA ELEVATOR highly value the involvement of elevator and home,considering theloading functions from the family’s needs and the elevator decoration from the architecture style. MATIZ VILLA ELEVATOR makes home and elevator being integrated.


LED lighting system, soft and energy-saving

MATIZ adopts the most energy-saving LED lighting system with soft light, no harm to eyes, It will automatically turn off to save energy when no calls.

Never-get-stuck technology, safe ride

Equipped with the UPS function, MATIZ elevator can run to the best level automatically and keep the door open to make sure the safety when the power is off.

Low-noise control technology,quiet and happy life

MATIZ adopts the latest noise control technology, avoids the its disturbance and keeps your life quite and happy.


1.Traction machine-PMS gearless traction machine VS traditional turbine worm gear traction machine

1. Speed reach 1.0m/s for both passenger elevator and freight elevator

2. Energy conservation and environmental protection, PMS motor system can reach about 40% energy saved.

3. Low noise,  compared with its predecessor, PMS gearless technology reduce more than 10db noise for machine room.

4. Low pollution, no need to change the gear oil for gearbox to meet the requirement of environmental protection.

5. Small machine room has same size as shaft to save the construction cost.

6. Serial communication, reduce the failure rate.

2.Door operator-High-efficiency VVVF door machine system+ Safety light curtain( standard)VS traditional DC door operator+Safety edges for door

1. More stable, smooth, quiet and about 8% energy saving

2. Infrared ray light curtain avoid the touch of traditional safety edge of door  toward human body and cargo hit elevator when cargo in and out of elevator. Reduce the trouble of door machine and improve the safety of door opening and closing. 

3.Control system-Integrated intelligent control system VS traditional computer main board+frequency converter

1. Strong anti-interference capacity. Reliable, Stable, Powerful function

2. Comfort start, Direct stop, Higher elevator operating efficiency

3. The service floors can be set freely

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